11 March 2017
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The Word Alive
Silent Screams

11 March 2017, Universiada Hall, Sofia
words by Stephan Yordanov-Stiff, photo: Orlin Nikolov
This is going to be an unprecedented event, I try to sound like some kind of a prophet just several days before the concert, But Vassil interrupts me with his “This actually does not matter as we all live in Bulgaria”.

The irony is that both of us are right. Tonight a band that has been accused of all mortal sins numerous times, faces more than 2500 kids and both sides manage to produce an amount of electricity that can easily fuel a third world country. And they don’t need me, neither you, nor the rest of the outside world, as they have each other tonight. If you have difficulties digesting this idea, you’d better stop reading right now.

photo: Mila StNv
Half an hour before the show there are musicians, journos, crews, photographers and a lot of other people running back and forth in the backstage. They know something very important, that the majority of fans outside the hall are not aware of. AA are not even in Sofia yet. No pressure though and no panic. Everything will be according the initial agenda.  
SILENT SCREAMS have the balls to stir the situation even though a big chunk of the crowd is still chatting and drinking beer outside.
On the other hand there are many who know the lyrics of the songs and are singing each and every word. 'Eighty Six' is definitely their best shot..
THE WORD ALIVE are from Phoenix, Arizona and they have 4 albums so far, but for me they are in the middle of the road somewhere.

My tonsils are still in place and they obviously have difficulties killing me with original music. Nope, dude, these days everything is ageing so fast. And if LIMP BIZKIT were one hit wonder, then how should we call all these generic metalcore bands doing exactly the same lame thing over and over again. 
By this time AA are already already here in the backstage and Danny is taking a walk outside their dressing room. The crowd is impatient. Just like a local bus, they feel they wait ages for what they have come here for. And no one is late actually, but the pressure is building up and the atmosphere is heating up with some dance and hip-hop music blasting off the speakers.
Some look shocked to hear Ke$ha, Eminem, Pitbull and even Katy Perry on a rock concert, but it doesn’t look like a big contradiction to the majority of people in the crowd who are having fun. For a moment the whole place started to look like a club. Undoubtedly purists should have shitted bricks, although I don’t see many of them around. 
A few minutes later, after a dramatic introduction, the guys from AA start to get on stage one after another with Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop being the last ones. The latter is probably the most significant member of the band, proven to be irreplaceable, especially after the short-lived collaboration with another vocalist, Denis Stoff who recorded AA’s last album 'The Black' (2016). The set list tonight is deliberately missing that period and is focused on the catalogue with Danny, which to most fans is the only one that really matters.
I have always said that retelling a concert is as futile as retelling a blowjob and tonight it is even harder, because this act is more like 69- it starts with the pair of 'Welcome' and 'Dear Insanity' from 'Reckless & Relentless' (2010), goes though the convulsions of 'The Death Of Me' and cums in the multiple orgasm of 'The Final Episode'. The crowd and the band were one. 

photo: Mila StNv
There were definitely some ignorant pricks that had no idea what they did there and there were some silly girls with H&M NIRVANA shirts, but as long as you see some brilliant youth not worshipping sword bearing macho metal bullshit, everything is just fine. 

And there is this bra, hanging in the middle of the stage, so sweet and so rock’n’roll. As a matter of fact, this first AA show here is an act of passionate sex.
This night proves that AA are no longer trendy or trend setters. They have become a damn good fine modern rock band led by a man who always teeters on a brink of egomania, but at least, is happy to let the music take the strain.
This show has another meaning though as it is one of the few things that the younger generations would appreciate musically. And it is imperative that they have this possibility more often if we want them to be as open-minded as their western peers.