LAMB OF GOD Resolution (2012)

06 January 2012
news page
In America they call them Virginia’s finest and this is true, because they have walked up the stairs to the top one by one, slowly but surely, the old-fashioned way, like in the old times. It’s 18 years of history and 6 studio albums not counting the Burn The Priest one. Everything in ‘Resolution’ is superior to the straightforward Wrath (2009) but like their guitar player Mark Morton told me in a recent phoner “in this band we do not compare albums’ and that is why now we will be making the comparisons. First, the new album is far more dynamic than the previous one, it’s not neck-breaking speed all the time and you can clearly hear it in the opener ‘Straight For The Sun’. The next one ‘Desolation’ is a back-to-the-game, fast, classic and uncompromising LOG which along with ‘Invictus’ and ‘To The End’ develops something like triple Pantera treat, a tendency that has been building up in the recent albums. A just when you begin to think there’s a risk that ‘Resolution’ will play safe all the time, there are few (small and not so small) surprises coming your way. First it’s the intro of the single ‘Ghost Walking’ (it’s not about ghosts by the way), then it’s the psychedelic instrumental ‘Barbaraosa’ (dedicated to the studio) and at last it’s the final epic (yes, you heard right) ‘King Me’ with all the operatic vocals, atmospheric passages and bone chilling keyboards during the first two minutes of it. ‘Resolution’ is a potential modern classic. It’s not a dramatic departure from its predecessors but it’s brave enough to turn down all those who claim that what LOG lack in variety, they more than make up for in sheer passion and intensity.