DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT ask fans for the BY REQUEST set in Plovdiv

17 July 2017
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The DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT will perform for the first time ever in Bulgaria. Supported by the Orchestra of Plovidv State Opera, the DTP will play a 'By Request Set' followed by a full playback of the Ocean Machine: Biomech album, celebrating 20 years since the record was released. 

This very special show is set to happen at the magnificent Roman theater in the city of Plovdiv on 22 September.

And here's a sneak peek of the venue where Devin and the band will perform - check the video below.

Tickets are still available at this location.

From Dev:

"I chose a certain group of songs for you guys to select from, I had to limit it from the catalog for the sake of time, the parameters of what the orchestra can pull off with the rehearsal they have, and the learning curve of the band. I tried to do a relatively comprehensive list, and I need your help in choosing the 10 or so tracks we'll be playing. Please help!"

VOTE for the BY REQUEST set at this location!