Drummer DESISLAV leaves VRANI VOLOSA after thirtheen years of service

15 October 2019
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Here's a word by bulgarian metallers VRANI VOLOSA:

After more than 13 years of joint work we part ways with our brother Desislav Ivanov. That was a glorious period for all of us, during which we shared our musical opinions and taste, ups and downs in life, worked hard in the rehearsal room, recorded two albums, lived amazing moments on stage and shared the energy of live performance with everyone who attended our concerts. We’ve never imagined that this would ever happen, but here it is – our paths are parting and we all have to lead our battles separately.

VRANI VOLOSA sends a big Thank You! To Desislav Ivanov for his dedicated work and endless friendship. It will stay forever!

VRANI VOLOSA will keep exist as the work for the follow up to “Amongst The Loneliest Of Waves” already started. In this regard we will seek a new drummer to enter the family as a permanent member – to rehearse with us, to record albums with us and to play live with us. All interested musicians could send a message in the Facebook profile of the band and we will share more details.

Vivere est militare!
Source: RadioTangra.com