BECK – Hyperspace (2019)

02 December 2019
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Beck always seemed like a cool dude. Last time I listened to a whole album from him was maybe in ’97. This doesn’t seem to stop him from writing because here he is with his 14th full length. I have too vague recollection of what has happened to the person and artist Beck Hansen in the years between Mellow Gold and his current release. Let’s hear…

Hyperspace consists of 11 tracks or almost 40 minutes worth of music. 
I approach the track with no expectations. The album has a vaporwave cover with him in a white suit, a Japanese car and something like Japanese hieroglyphics. Okay.
First listening. Kind of indie pop with lo-fi synths, funky moments and something like mumble rap/hip hop. There's some auto tune, some drum machines, there's an acoustic guitar, and a lot of reverb. As I go deeper, random associations with Chris Cornell, Pink Floyd, and Chairlift arise. Neatly produced elevator music. Hmm. As for now, I'm rather confused.
Second listening. Beck always seemed looked like a cool dude to me. I was not particularly interested in his stuff, but apparently 2019 wasn’t very kind to him. I read that he had just ended a 15-year marriage. Some of the lyrics make more sense as well as the overall melancholy feel of the album. Everlasting Nothing definitely sounds like Cornell! I still can't get too much into all this, so I download the whole thing and add it to my phone playlist. Let's see.
About a week deep into it, I can say that Hyperspace is actually a very good album. Eclectic and hip, if a bit monotonous, evoking weird ‘80s nostalgia. Maybe it's the hip thing now, or maybe Beck has long outgrown trends and is currently doing whatever the fuck he wants? For a guy who has slept onto a good 90% of his career, I can say he did quite well.

always seemed like a rad dude to me.
Personal favorites: Uneventful Days and Hyperlife - a brutal pop/ambient banger!