BRIAN HOWE's Posthumous Song Released By Former BAD COMPANY Singer's Family

30 June 2020
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A previously unreleased song from late BAD COMPANY singer Brian Howe, "Going Home", can be streamed below. According to the Fort Myers News-Press, the track was penned by Howe and producer Brooks Paschal about 2016, soon after the death of Howe's mother.

Howe died less than two months ago before getting to release the track, which was completed in January 2019 at Paschal's Mockingbird Studios in Tyler, Texas.
"This is one of the last songs Brian wrote and recorded and, as it turns out, sadly it was very prophetic," said Howe's manager, Paul Easton. "The song really touched everybody in the office when they first heard it. And today, as we work on the release, it is still a tough one to listen to."
Howe fronted BAD COMPANY between 1986 and 1994 and provided vocals on hit albums including 1988's "Dangerous Age" and 1990's "Holy Water".
The English-born singer, who previously worked with Ted Nugent, was openly bitter that his contribution to the band's legacy was not recognized, telling Rock Candy magazine in 2018: "It's as if my time with BAD COMPANY has been airbrushed out of history. Those guys live in a cocoon where it's permanently 1974 and they've purposefully removed anything I ever had to do with them."
Howe left BAD COMPANY after recording four albums, and believed the band "haven't released anything worthwhile since. And certainly nothing that's sold as well as the albums I was involved in. Those records gave BAD COMPANY a new lease of life."