Listen to Rory Gallagher and Jerry Lee Lewis play ROLLING STONES' Satisfaction

20 August 2020
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A rare outtake has emerged from Jerry Lee Lewis's The Session... Recorded In London With Great Artists album - originally released in 1973 – and it's coming to a record store near you this October. 

The cover of The Rolling Stones' (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction features Irish blues legend Rory Gallagher alongside alongside Lewis, and will be released on a 7" single accompanying the upcoming compilation The Best Of Rory Gallagher, due for release in October.
The Session... Recorded In London With Great Artists was a famously feisty session, with musicians including Albert Lee, Alvin Lee, Peter Frampton, Spooky Tooth's Mick Jones  and Kenney Jones taking part.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction features Gallagher on vocals and lead guitar, with Lewis adding a piano solo and singing a few lines. 
The compilation will feature tracks from throughout Gallagher's career, from his early days with band Taste to his final solo recording, 1990's Fresh Evidence. Full tracklist below. It's released on October 9. 
(Image credit: Mick Rock c/o Strange Music)
The Best Of Rory Gallagher - tracklist
1. Taste - What's Going On (from 1970’s ‘On The Boards’ LP)
2. Rory Gallagher - Shadow Play (from 1978’s ‘Photo Finish’ LP)
3. Rory Gallagher - Follow Me (from 1979’s ‘Top Priority’ LP)
4. Rory Gallagher - Tattoo'd Lady (from 1973’s ‘Tattoo’ LP)
5. Rory Gallagher - All Around Man (from 1975’s “Against The Grain” LP)
6. Rory Gallagher - I Fall Apart (from 1971’s “Rory Gallagher” LP)
7. Rory Gallagher - Daughter Of The Everglades (from 1973’s ‘Blueprint’” LP)
8. Rory Gallagher - Calling Card (from 1976’s ‘Calling Card’ LP)
9. Rory Gallagher - I'm Not Awake Yet (from 1971’s ‘Deuce’ LP)
10. Rory Gallagher - Just The Smile (from 1971’s ‘Rory Gallagher’ LP)
11. Rory Gallagher - Out Of My Mind (from 1971’s “Deuce” LP)
12. Rory Gallagher - Edged In Blue (from 1976’s “Calling Card” LP)
13. Rory Gallagher - Philby (from 1979’s “Top Priority” LP)
14. Taste - It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again (from 1970’s “On The Boards” LP)
15. Rory Gallagher - Crest Of A Wave (from 1971’s “Deuce” LP) 
1. Rory Gallagher - Bad Penny (from 1979’s “Top Priority” LP)
2. Rory Gallagher - Walk On Hot Coals (from 1973’s “Blueprint” LP)
3. Taste - Blister On The Moon (from 1969’s “Taste” LP)
4. Rory Gallagher - Loanshark Blues (from 1987’s “Defender” LP)
5. Rory Gallagher - Bought & Sold (from 1975’s “Against The Grain” LP)
6. Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away (from 1973’s from the Tattoo LP)
7. Rory Gallagher - Wheels Within Wheels (from 2010’s “Notes From San Francisco” LP)
8. Rory Gallagher - Seven Days (from 1987’s “Defender” LP)
9. Rory Gallagher - Ghost Blues (from 1990’s “Fresh Evidence” LP)
10. Rory Gallagher - Cruise On Out (from 1978’s “Photo Finish” LP)
11. Jerry Lee Lewis ft. Rory Gallagher - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (1973 outtake from the Jerry Lee Lewis ‘The Session… Recorded in London With Great Guest Artists’ LP)
12. Rory Gallagher - They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore (from 1973’s “Tattoo” LP)
13. Rory Gallagher - Moonchild (from 1976’s “Calling Card” LP)
14. Rory Gallagher - Jinxed (from 1982’s “Jinx” LP)
15. Taste - Catfish (from 1969’s “Taste” LP)