Watch BRING ME THE HORIZON bring the heavy back on new single Tear Drops

23 October 2020
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BRING ME THE HORIZON have unleashed a crushing new song, Tear Drop, from their upcoming EP, Post Human: Survival Horror.

It is my favourite song off the record,” says frontman Oli Sykes. “I’m so excited to get this single out, it feels like a classic Bring Me The Horizon tune but without it feeling like anything we’ve done before. I feel like Teardrops is some of the best work we’ve ever done, musically and lyrically as whole.”
The eye-catching video for Tear Drop finds Sykes literally and metaphorically drowning in a tank full of water, and was inspired by his ongoing experiences with depression.
Released on October 30, Post Human: Survival Horror collects together recent singles: Ludens, which featured on the soundtrack to Hideo Kojima’s video game Death Stranding; Parasite Eve, released in June and described by frontman Oli Sykes as a "message of hope, wrapped in sadness and anger”; and Obey, featuring a guest appearance from rapper Yungblud
It adds another six tracks, including Kingslayer, which features a guest spot from kawaii legends BABYMETAL, One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death (starring Evanescence's Amy Lee) and IXI (featuring rising South London duo Nova Twins).