Check out the new video by J.D. Pinkus of BUTTHOLE SURFERS and THE MELVINS!

02 August 2021
news page

Today, we are extrmeely psyched to debut the new video by J.D. Pinkus of THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS and, more recently, THE MELVINS!

On August 20, Pinkus will release his new banjo album, Fungus Shui. While the album is firmly rooted in the sounds of back country Appalachia, in true Pinkus style, that ye olde instrument is warped into psychedeliac, and oft sinister, fields.

For instance, in the video for "Woke Up Dead," Pinkus laments about facing the end while dismembered hands, butterflies, and abstract heads. Just watch it.

Pinkus spoke about the tune: "A lotta folks sing about wakin up with the blues. I took it a step further with a lil’ country blues jam called ‘Woke Up Dead’."

Producer Josh Bishop added: "Maxwell Sabastian captured that thing that goes on forever, that thing there are no words for… His interpretation is a beautiful celebration of this thing. I’m so very grateful for his mind and talents!"

You can pick up the album at Shimmy Disc and you can watch the video below, right now!