THE DEAD SOUTH To Deliver Easy Listening for Jerks

06 October 2021
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 THE DEAD SOUTH have announced that they will be releasing their two new covers EPs "Easy Listening for Jerks, Parts I & II" on March 4th which is billed as "Carter Family meets Addams Family "

The source material for the EP two-pack sees THE DEAD SOUTH trace very different musical lineages: one a beloved folk songbook and the other a set of volatile modern outsider anthems.

Always playing against type, THE DEAD SOUTH flip traditional bluegrass and hard rock conventions upside down, drawing out an ominous, lurking unease in the bright innocence of Bristol Sessions-era sound, and pulling moments of absurdity from the hardcore bluster.
Part I includes the Sun belt-meets-black belt take on "You Are My Sunshine," in which THE DEAD SOUTH dig below the surface layer lullaby to levels of deep desperation. In a minor key, "Keep On The Sunny Side," changes from sweet to sinister. "Matterhorn," a gallant adventure tale that sees four friends set off to climb a mountain, also works on the level of THE DEAD SOUTH's origin story. 

Part II is inspired by the band's own pre-show playlist, and will include songs by SYSTEM OF A DOWN, THE DOORS, COLD WAR KIDS and THE MISFITS.

Easy Listening for Jerks are the first releases that see all four members taking lead vocal turns.