Sons of RADIOHEAD’s Thom Yorke, IRON MAIDEN's Janick Gers Share Single

06 December 2022
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Dylan Gers, son of IRON MAIDEN’s Janick Gers, and Noah Yorke, son of RADIOHEAD’s Thom Yorke, have shared the new collaborative single “Red Skies.”

Musically, “Red Skies” hews closer to RADIOHEAD’s cracked take on rock music than IRON MAIDEN’s heavy metal. Yorke’s guitar picks out a pensive minor-key waltz as Gers sings, “You’re watching the road twist and twine/ My lord/ Seeing that rain drip upon/ That stove.”
I hope you enjoy the inner workings of our minds,” Gers wrote on Instagram. Via Louder Sound, he added, “I’m truly more excited with this than anything I’ve done in my life.
Yorke said that the song was “written and sung by dyl with me on 12 string, bass, vocal harmonies, and piano and some other bits,” continuing, “We’re really proud of it. We hope you enjoy.”
The younger Yorke has quietly been elevating his musical profile, first as half of the London duo HEX GIRLFRIEND, which began releasing music in 2021, and then earlier this year with solo recordings. In November he shared the song “Lucky Black Cat,” which he described as “very inspired by nick drake and bruce springsteen.”