Paul McCartney Nearly Hit by a Car While Recreating Abbey Road Album Cover

31 January 2023
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Sir Paul McCartney was nearly downed by an impatient driver while trying to reenact the photoshoot for THE BEATLES’ iconic Abbey Road album cover outside of the titular music studio in London.

In a clip from the new Abbey Road documentary If These Walls Could Sing and shared by the historic studio’s social accounts, THE BEATLES star attempts to use the crosswalk outside the band’s former recording space in an effort to reclaim his spot in the classic lineup – albeit with shoes, this time. However, it appears that in the intervening five decades since the original photo was taken, patience for pedestrians hoping to recreate the Fab Four’s famous stride has dwindled to the point that even Macca has to watch where he’s going.
The 80-year old artist responded to the near-miss with his characteristic whimsy, first with an exaggerated flinch as the car passed, then later by feigning a full-on fall as he smiled to the camera. Watch the video at this location