Krist Novoselic Running for President

25 June 2024
news page

Founding NIRVANA bassist Krist Novoselic recently kicked off a presidential campaign in Washington state and launched a new group called the BONA FIDE BAND.

How are those two things related? Well, according to Novoselic, running on the presidential ticket and hosting conventions are part of the requirements for his Cascade Party of Washington to be recognized by the state as a “bona fide party.” To get the word out, he started the BONA FIDE BAND with original SCREAMING TREES drummer Mark Pickerel to play shows doubling as conventions.
The group played their initial run of shows last week, performing a mix of covers alongside songs from Novoselic’s other groups GIANTS IN THE TREES and 3RD SECRET (with Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil).

During their June 21st concert in Kurt Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, Washington, they took on NIRVANA’s 1988 debut single, “Love Buzz,” originally recorded by the Dutch rock band SHOCKING BLUE in 1969. Watch it below.
Novoselic and the BONA FIDE BAND have slated four more shows in July, and hope to gather the 1,000 valid signatures needed for the Cascade Party to qualify for the presidential ballot. Read more about Cascade Party’s “new ideas in political organization” here.
It’s worth noting that Novoselic stated he has no desire to become the next Commander in Chief of the United States but is only doing it to establish the party.

We are challenging the rule compelling us onto the presidential ballot,” he wrote on the Cascade Party website. “We have sent a letter to the State which requests changes to administrative rules that force us to run for president.”