VELIAN – ‘Godless’ (2019)

05 February 2019
VELIAN – ‘Godless’ (2019)
  • Лейбъл: self-released
  • Издаден: 2019
  • Aвтор: Ивайло Александров
  • Оценка:

It is not difficult, you only need talent, knowledge and balls. For almost everything. Here we are talking about a good metal album, recorded and released in Bulgaria. 'Godless' is the new / the first, read it as you like, album of the Sofia-based metal band VELIAN. But the guys have a lot of experience behind their back also with the band's previous name (and line-up), so it would be offensive to call this release their musical debut.

After the ‘Fireflies’ EP a bit more than a year ago, a couple of cool videos, unceasing presence in the social media and brilliant production, it became clear that VELIAN know exactly what they are doing and are well aware where they are going. The album that should be in your hands already is the next step ahead.
The ten songs in 'Godless' are the logical deployment of the concept and direction taken by the band about two years ago. Strong and stylized contemporary metal, with sharp sound, nice guitar solos, beautiful melodies, great clean singing, deep hars vocals (for both – well done, Ivan!) and hell of a rhythm section. The same is on the stage - VELIAN are there not only to have fun, but to make you forget where you are for about an hour and to take you on a musical journey with the band.
Both musically and visually, the boys stay strong and tell their mysterious dark stories. The songs are a wonderful homogeneous mix of melancholic melodies and robust metal like as a curious encounter between Soilwork and Nevermore. Or Dark Tranquility and Evergrey. But do not expect to hear these groups in the music of VELIAN - they are just a shadily stroked bow, a starting point from which the Sofia band takes on its own way of grimy fairy metal. VELIAN do not seek to emulate and are not afraid to listen to different types of music. That's why the combination of straight metal and heavy growls with lyrical passages and emotional clean singing fit so well in each of the songs. 
It is somehow unfortunate that we did not have such a group with such a sound here 15-20 years ago. If so, VELIAN would have been our leading metal act. The good news is that 'Godless' does not sound outdated. On the contrary, this is the sound of modern metal, which is out of trends and annoying style frames. This is metal music at its finest.

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