12 February 2019
  • Лейбъл: Napalm Records
  • Издаден: 2019
  • Aвтор: Ивайло Александров
  • Оценка:

I wonder why John Garcia needed to revive Kyuss with the band that from Kyuss Lives! turned to Vista Chino. Not that it wasn’t immense pleasure when I saw John Garcia, Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork together on stage with guitarist Bruno Feveri. But so far, Garcia's two albums (if we do not include the acoustic one) are way more catchy and interesting than Vista Chino's predictable desert rock. 

John Garcia and the Band of Gold is another proof that John Garcia has it. And he is deservedly a legend of the desert rock. The album steps away from Kyuss' sound, but it is very close to that of Hermano, a band that was more of a personal project for the singer. Chris Goss is responsible for the sound, and it shows in a pretty cool way. A robust rhythm (here comes Kyuss, yes), blasting bass and catchy riffs elegantly stripped by the harsh fuzz, but with smoking guitar haze so that it does not sound like the next doom banging bang, but also remind you that stoner rock started exactly in Palm Desert, California. Garcia's voice seems as it hasn’t moved at all and still sounds wild, slightly hoarse, and capable of melting the plaster on the wall.
After the desert-hot intro 'Space Vato' there comes 'Jim's Whiskers', which is here to make you move up while listening and to raise up your whiskers as a cat-veteran of street battles smelling a fish on a barbeque. 'Kentucky II' is a direct recall for Hermano and the opening track of their latest album ‘Into the Exam Room’ and 'My Everything' is a ready and hysterical stoner rock hit, whose chorus you could scream if you're lucky enough to catch John Garcia and the Band of Gold somewhere on their European dates.
In fact, there’s no need of listing the tracks - you can safely assume that the whole John Garcia and the Band of Gold album is a killer collection of great heavy rock songs that bears the spirit of the time and genre in which John Garcia was a main participant since the late 80’s to this day without sounding retro. And it can easily provoke wishes related to sun, heat, sweating beer in hand and a joint in your mouth