THE OFFSPRING 'Let The Bad Times Roll' With New Video

26 March 2021
news page

THE OFFSPRING have released the official music video for their brand new single "Let The Bad Times Roll".

The song is the title track to their forthcoming album, which is due April 16th.

Frontman Dexter Holland had this to say about the track, "I feel like we're in a unique period in history where instead of our world leaders saying 'we're doing our best' it's more like they're saying 'f*** it' and its really scary."
Guitarist Noodles added "Folks are saying, if it's all going to Hell, we might as well make the most out of it, or at least go out swinging. 'Let The Bad Times Roll!'"
The new video features a narrative tied to the song's lyrics and a take on the challenges people are currently facing across the county. Watch the video below: