BROND – 'Graveyard Campfire' (2018)

23 April 2018
news page

ОК, let's talk about BROND's new album! The one we waited so long for. In the end, it was worth it!

BROND is one of these bands I am truly happy to be able to follow closely. They are top blokes and are doing something valuable and breathing with life. It was just a matter of time for them to deliver a kick-ass album, and they did!
There are numerous different ways to write, record and publish a record. After Feint – their amazing 2015 EP - BROND literally built Graveyard Campfire in front of our eyes. Eight tracks, every single one of which has been repeatedly tried, tested in a battle, live.
BROND's live energy is undisputedly something remarkable. I am not surprised, however, that the guys have managed to translate this perceptual feeling into a vinyl record. Yes, Graveyard Campfire is available on vinyl (as well as CD & digital) and I strongly recommend you to buy it. It is inspiring to hold a physical copy of this fairly adequate and very up-to-date music from Wonderland aka Bulgaria!
Opening tracks is a pretty much the sound equivalent of a bitchslap, literally. After Enter Shamari things are getting heavy with Harvest the Sun and Failure. Then, my personal favorite follows - Impossible Downhill. This an extremely refreshing and even optimistic song, lyrically and musically!
From then on this album gets more and more exhilarating and pretty much offers the best that BROND is capable of – in-your-face post-hardcore riffage and high-energy math-influenced broken arrangements.
I never really put much thought about this while watching them live, but – damn! - the truth is BROND has some really meaningful lyrics! In this respect, the best way to enjoy this records is to get a physical copy and spend a good hour in drowning in the whole experience called Graveyard Campfire. You can buy this directly from the band as they’re about to conquer Europe, starting with a proper European tour in 10 or so countries.
Did I mention you should buy this record? Do it!