PRINCE wanted his memoir “to be the biggest music book of all time”

10 September 2019
news page

Prior to his death, PRINCE announced plans to publish a memoir called The Beautiful Ones. An abridged version, featuring 50 handwritten pages completed prior to his passing, will see release on October 29th through Random House (pre-orders are ongoing). In anticipation, New Yorker writer Dan Piepenbring, who PRINCE personally enlisted to co-author the memoir, has shared the book’s fascinating backstory, including his early interactions with PRINCE and what the musician sought to accomplish with The Beautiful Ones. Specifically, as Piepenbring recounts, PRINCE wanted it “to be the biggest music book of all time.”

Unfortuantely, PRINCE died having only completed 50 or so pages of the book. Those pages will be included in The Beautiful Ones alongside never-before-seen photos, original scrapbooks, and lyric sheets, as well as Piepenbring’s own recollection of the musician’s final months.
Preorder the book here.