Listen to DEAFHEAVEN’s new single Great Mass Of Color

10 June 2021
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DEAFHEAVEN will release their fifth album, Infinite Granite, in August, and you can hear the album’s first single, Great Mass Of Color right here, right now.

The track is the San Francisco band’s first preview of the much-anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, set for release on August 20 via Sargent House.
Quiet as a cradle, I laid in a middle night drift, spinning,” sings frontman George Clarke. “Hissed at the moon, conjured up the flowers to fix my impression of the gloom…”
The group’s PR people promise that the nine-track Infinite Granite will be “another giant leap forward” for the quintet, and their “most goosebump-inducing album to date.”
Image credit: George Clarke
The track list for Infinite Granite is:
1. Shellstar
2. In Blur
3. Great Mass Of Color
4. Neptune Raining Diamonds
5. Lament for Wasps
6. Villain
7. The Gnashing
8. Other Language
9. Mombasa