PIXIES Open 'Vault Of Heaven' With New Video

10 August 2022
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PIXIES have shared a music video for their brand new single, "Vault of Heaven", which was directed by the filmmaker and musician Charles Derenne.

We were sent these details: "Mixing dusky, Morricone-style desert noir atmospherics with a chiming, melodic guitar motif, 'Vault of Heaven' also takes a leftfield turn as flourishes of female backing vocals provide an almost hymnal touch.
"Black Francis's lyrics combine elements that are both abstract and everyday in a surrealist narrative, in which the protagonist aims for salvation but only ends up falling flat on his face.
"'Vault of Heaven' is released alongside an official video which brings its absurdist tale to life. It begins with a semi-clothed Zorro-esque figure who is heading into Los Angeles on the back of a toy horse.
"He arrives at a 7-Eleven, where things get stranger still with the help of bizarre Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe lookalikes." Watch the video below:
Source: antimusic.com