RANCID Premiere 'Devil In Disguise' Video

26 May 2023
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RANCID deliver a warning to us all with new single and accompanying music video, "Devil In Disguise."

Ahead of their new album 'Tomorrow Never Comes' out on June 2nd, they pair melodic riffs and a galloping rhythm with gruff sing-along vocals that carry a message of self-preservation.

At a whopping 850 Million catalog streams to date, fans and critics alike seem to agree that RANCID's brand of high impact, no frills punk still flows abundantly in their blood, while easily translating to a modern audience.
Now embarking on their tenth full-length effort, this is evident throughout 'Tomorrow Never Comes'. Produced by longtime collaborator, Brett Gurewitz, its sixteen blistering tracks barely make the two-and-a-half-minute mark, boasting the same gritty, straight forward punk-with-a-purpose that the world just can't get enough of.
Source: antimusic.com