AVANTASIA Gathers All-Star Line-Up

26 September 2007
news page

Edguy frontman Tobias Sammet has announced the list of guest musicians to be featured on the next full-length studio album by his side-project Avantasia. The honour has been given to vocalists Alice Cooper, Roy Khan (Kamelot), Oliver Hartmann (At Vance), Amanda Somerville (Aina), Bob Catley (Magnum), Jorn Lande (ex-Masterplan, Brazen Abbot) and Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), and guitarists Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween) and Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions).

The album itself shall be entitled "The Scarecrow" and is going to appear at end of January next year via Nuclear Blast. It shall be preceded by two six-track Avantasia EPs on November 16, entitled "Lost in Space, Part 1" and "Lost in Space, Part 2".

Meanwhile, Tobias and Edguy are preparing for the 20 Years Nuclear Blast Festival on November 3 in Sofia, Bulgaria, also featuring Amorphis, Benediction, Agathodaimon, The Revenge Project and Overdawn...

Source: Blabbermouth.net